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With all senses

The manufacturing of a book appeals to all senses: the smell of paper, the feel of the surfaces, the visual appeals of a gild edging, the rustling sound you hear when leafing through the pages. It is always a very special feeling when you hold a beautiful book in your hands.

This is why we strive every day to fulfil all our customers’ wishes so that they can experience our handiwork and special formats with all their senses.

Idea workshop

The creative side

Hand-made softcovers, exclusive slipcases, customised special formats: our creative workmanship offers new perspectives every day. The company relies on progress and innovation in the process. New and future-oriented approaches are discussed in the team at regular intervals. An idea gives rise to a concept, the concept gives rise to a prototype, and that to a new, unprecedented format.

Alongside of printers, publishers and agencies, we develop optimum solutions and put powerful ideas into practice. For more new bindings and formats that have never been seen anywhere in the world before.


We create formats of distinction


Our formats in industrial production


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Our formats in artisanal bookbinding


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